Poetry · 16. ottobre 2017
With the magic of Giusepe Verdi, the Whitmans are transported to 19th century Paris at a performance of San Francisco Opera: photograph by Elaine and tanka poem by Neal. Violette in her opera box perfumed bouquet of camellias l’impulso dell’amore
Poetry · 13. ottobre 2017
Dew A drop of dew. I see the essence of life As the world is reflected In this drop of dew which sits quietly At the tip of the narrow leaf Closed upon yourself You have no doubt about Your spherical shape Drop of dew You split the sunlight Into seven colours Of sparkling droplets Always wary of falling off But I will not touch you Transparent as you are You do not offend my eye. I will not touch you Gift given to the poor Drop of dew Sweet as the hope to find The truth of our lives. A round...
Poetry · 10. ottobre 2017
Our Earth We have some places where ugliness rules, but more places where beauty rules on this blue Earth Taro Aizu La nostra Terra Noi abbiamo dei luoghi dove regna il brutto ma abbiamo più luoghi dove la bellezza regna su questa Terra blu Translated by Lidia Chiarelli