E BOOK 2019

Call for Submissions

Photo Credit: Mauro Aprile Zanetti

Call for contributions to Immagine & Poesia Anthology, vol. 6, 2019 –

Special Edition for Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s 100th Birthday


Poets and artists members of Immagine & Poesia, are invited to submit a poem linked to an image for an E-Book publication edited by the Immagine & Poesia Movement, Torino, Italy. Huguette Bertrand (Canada) will be responsible for the making of the e-book in Pdf format.

The ebook is not to be sold but to be downloaded for free on Immagine & Poesia’s website. This publication will include English and French speaking poets. poems of each language will not be translated.


1   - Each poet and artist must be a member of Immagine & Poesia movement. If not, they must subscribe by going on Immagine & Poesia Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/167187922709/?fref=ts


2   - If a poet chooses an artwork of an artist to pair with his/her poem, the artist must be a member of Immagine & Poesia and give permission by e-mail to use his/her image and vice versa for the artist who sends his/her image linked to a poem.


3   The theme is free, however contributions related to Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s life, poetry or artworks will be much appreciated


4   - Submission of 2 attached files by e-mail


a)    The poem and the biography (and the artist’s biography if applicable) on a single .doc or .docx file.


b)    The image .jpg file


c)     Poets and artists must be the copyright holders of the submitted works or have a written permission  from the author for publication




5   - Each poem must not exceed 20 lines including spaces between stanzas for technical reasons.


6   - Each biography must not exceed 3 lines. The web link should be written at the end of the biography.


7   – The editors reserve the right to select the works and to reject those not suitable for this publication


Submissions will be listed in the book in order of arrival.


Deadline for submissions : May 15th, 2019


Submissions should be sent to both :

Huguette Bertrand : hb.poete@gmail.com


and Cc to Lidia Chiarelli : immagine.poesia@gmail.com