IMMAGINE&POESIA (IMAGE&POETRY) is an international artistic literary movement, founded at Alfa Teatro in Torino, Italy, in 2007. Since its inception, IMMAGINE&POESIA has continued to grow. Hundreds of poets and artists from all over the world have participated, and the movement now reaches international audiences.

The MANIFESTO of the movement consists of 10 points and has been translated into 30 languages. The fourth point suggests moments of cross fertilization for artists and poets in order to support the thesis that a literary text may inspire the creation of a figurative art work and vice versa: the result is a new and complete form of art.



IMMAGINE&POESIA (IMAGE&POESIE) est le mouvement international artistique littéraire fondé en 2007 à Turin, Italie, sous la Présidence d'Aeronwy Thomas fille du poète anglais Dylan Thomas. Les membres fondateurs sont: Aeronwy Thomas, écrivaine anglaise; Gianpiero Actis, peintre; Silvana Gatti, peintre; Sandrina Piras, poète et Lidia Chiarelli, coordonnatrice et idéologiste du Mouvement. En 2009 le poète américain Lawrence Ferlinghetti est devenu Membre Honoraire d'IMMAGINE&POESIA. 

Le Manifeste a été traduit en 30 langues et consiste en 10 points. Le quatrième point propose aux artistes et aux poètes des moments de créativité croisée à l'appui de la thèse que les Beaux Arts et la Poésie peuvent interagir et donner origine à une nouvelle forme d'art riche et complète.  

Dès 2007, année de la fondation, le Mouvement organise périodiquement des expositions et des lectures de poésies où les images et les textes littéraires sont liés.


IMMAGINE&POESIA è il nome del movimento artistico letterario internazionale fondato nel 2007 all'Alfa Teatro di Torino sotto la presidenza di Aeronwy Thomas, figlia del poeta inglese Dylan Thomas. Soci fondatori furono: Aeronwy Thomas - scrittrice inglese, Gianpiero Actis - pittore, Silvana Gatti - pittrice, Sandrina Piras - poetessa e Lidia Chiarelli - ideologa e coordinatrice del movimento. Nel 2009 il poeta americano Lawrence Ferlinghetti è diventato socio onorario di IMMAGINE&POESIA.

Il Manifesto, attualmente tradotto in 30 lingue, consta di 10 punti. Il 4° punto in particolare propone agli artisti e ai poeti di sperimentare momenti di creatività incrociata a sostegno della tesi che un testo letterario può essere la fonte di ispirazione per la creazione di un'opera d'arte e viceversa: il risultato è un'opera articolata e completa, nata dall'integrazione delle due forme espressive.


A partire dal 2007, anno della fondazione, il Movimento propone periodicamente, in Italia e all’estero,  reading poetici e mostre in cui le poesie si integrano con le immagini. 




''IMMAGINE&POESIA'' (BILD&DICHTUNG)  bezeichnet die internationale künstlerisch-literarische Bewegung,  welche 2007 im Alfa Teatro,Turin, Italien, unter der Schirmherrschaft  von Aeronwy Thomas - Tochter von Dylan Thomas - , gegründet wurde.

Die Gründungsmitglieder waren:

Aeronwy Thomas, Dichterin und Schriftstellerin

Gianpiero Actis, Maler

Silvana Gatti, Malerin

Sandrina Piras, Dichterin

Lidia Chiarelli, Koordinatorin und Ideologin der Bewegung

2009 wurde der amerikanische Dichter, Lawrence Ferlinghetti,  Mitglied im Ehrenkomitee von IMMAGINE&POESIA.

Beverly Matherne, Professorin an der Northern Michigan University, ist eine sehr geschätzte Dichterin dieser Bewegung.


IMMAGINE&POESIA o imagen y poesía es el movimiento internacional de arte literaria fundada en Teatro Alfa, Turín, Italia en 2007, con el patrocinio de Aeronwy Thomas, la hija de Dylan Thomas.


Los Miembros Titulares fueron: Aeronwy Thomas, poeta y escritor; Gianpiero Actis, pintor; Silvana Gatti, pintor; Sandrina Piras, poeta y Lidia Chiarelli, coordinador e ideólogo del movimiento.

El poeta americano Lawrence Ferlinghetti y el artista italiano Ugo Nespolo son los socios honorarios de IMMAGINE&POESIA.

Beverly Matherne, un profesor de la Universidad del Norte de Michigan, es un poeta muy apreciado del movimiento.

Los críticos oficiales del movimiento son: Mary Gorgy (Long Island, New York) y Enzo Papa, (Turín).



维基百科,自由的百科全书 跳转到: 导航, 搜索 《形象與詩歌》(意大利文:IMMAGINE&POESIA) 是一個國際當代藝術運動, 2007年由詩人狄蘭•托馬斯的女兒艾羅威•托馬斯在意大利都靈之阿爾法歌劇院創立, 該運動的主要成員如下:作家艾羅威•托馬斯、畫家詹尼佩羅•阿克蒂斯、畫家西爾瓦娜•加蒂、詩人桑德里娜•比哈斯及思想家利迪婭•基亞雷利。 _______________________________________________________________________________________ IMMAGINE&POESIAは、ディラン・トーマスの娘であるアーロンウィー・トーマスによって支援され、イタリアのトリノにあるアルファ・テアトロに2007年に設立された、国際的な芸術と文学の活動を行う団体である。 マニフェスト [編集] マニフェスト(団体の活動内容)は20ヶ国語に訳され、10項目から構成されている。4つ目の項目は、アーティストと詩人の間における知識の交流の機会について提案しており、詩が芸術作品の創作に閃きを与え、また同じように芸術作品が詩を創作する者に刺激を与えるための支援を促している。詩と芸術作品のコラボレーションにより、斬新且つ完璧なアートを創造することを目的としている。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ «Живопись и поэзия» (итал. IMMAGINE&POESIA) — международное литературное и художественное движение, возникшее в 2007 году в театре «Альфа» (Турин, Италия) под патронажем переводчика итальянской поэзии Эронви Томас — дочери известного поэта Дилана Томаса. Членами-учредителями движения стали: • Эронви Томас — поэт, писатель и переводчик; • Джанпьеро Актис — художник; • Сильвана Гатти — художник; • Сандрина Пирас — поэт; • Лидия Кьярелли — идеолог и координатор движения. Членами попечительского совета являются известный американский поэт Лоуренс Ферлингетти[1] и итальянский художник Уго Несполо, а официальными критиками объединения — Мэри Горги[2] и Энцо Пэпа. Одним из видных членов движения «Живопись и поэзия» является американский поэт и писатель, профессор университета Северного Мичигана Беверли Матерн.








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Poème pour Camille Claudel


Poème pour Camille Claudel

 Il y a toujours quelque chose d'absent qui me tourmente
 Camille Claudel



(19 octobre 1943)


Nuages denses

corbeaux invisibles

flottants dans le ciel de la Provence

le vent s’enrage

et ouvre des fissures  bleues


petite fille étonnée

seule, tu écoutes la voix du silence

et regardes les grandes flaques

et l’argile brune

cadeau précieux

que la pluie de la nuit

a apporté


pour la dernière fois

dans une lumière irréelle

de cette boue

des créatures étranges



par ta main tremblante

abandonnée à leur vie


c’est alors qu’un calme inconnu

te saisit

et tu souris

infiniment  libre

en ce matin d’octobre

à Montdesvergues



Lidia Chiarelli, Italie

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"Mary Ellen for Christmas" digital collage by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

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"Bird Mitzvah" poem by Stanley H. Barkan - Photo by Mia Barkan Clarke, USA





We rose unto the mountaintop,

to the aerie of the birds,

Tristram’s grackles,

the black, orange-tipped,

and brownish, wide-winged birds

hovering over the sacred site,

flocks swooping and dipping,

whistling, cooing and cawing,

settling here and there on the edge of

the restored walls of ancient rocks.


So curious at the boys with kipas,

and girls with head cloths,

gathered with and without prayer shawls,

speaking in memory of the past,

the 960 who chose death by suicide,

rather than lose their freedom,

to be captured Roman slaves,

and the seven—two women and

five children—who survived,

pardoned, whose descendants

perhaps are among these

bar and bat mitzvah boys and girls.


They recite prayers and famous sayings,

quotes from diaries and other writings,

and then read from the Torah,

each his and her portion,

while mothers and fathers, grandparents,

brothers and sisters and friends surround them

in a harmony of this ceremony of

entering adulthood as Jews.


And the birds continue to swarm

and hover wide-winged on sun winds,

flying back and forth, forth and back,

very, very curiously dipping in and out,

out and in, joining the cantillating and singing

with their whistles and coos and caws,

songs of sad remembrance and joy,

making their own bird mitzvah,

perhaps as spirits of those who battled and died,

here more than a thousand years ago.




—Stanley H. Barkan

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"HIKING WITH PETER" poem by Alex Drummond - "THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED" fine art photo by Adel Gorgy -     America


        for Peter Thabit Jones, September 17, 2016


Boot-shod feet, born and bred south coast of Wales

felt the pulse of Big Sur’s thumping shore,

tapped its  rhythms into poems,

then leaped, with the help of an airplane,

California to Colorado, where I met him

and was glad he was properly shod

to wind with me up among the sandstone fins

south side of Mt. Sanitas,

hiked and jogged by hundreds,

but sure to be people-free I promised Peter

on our descent north, then west, south,

and east from the summit.


Hour-long uphill huff and puff

failed to deflate our lungs,

left in fact whole hallways and corridors

of oxygen-filled enthusiasm

to talk poetry halfway from A to Z,

saving the other half for the less steep

meander back down.


Peter could pick up from where he left

the Pacific sprawled below his hillside

hermitage at Big Sur by viewing

flat Boulder suckling its own shoreline

steep off Sanitas a thousand feet below our feet.


Peter clicked his camera at whatever wonder

first flew into his eye, a young women clicked us

shaking hands by the mountain’s summit pole,

and shy deer on the way down

ambled in and out of focus,

as poets and the ways of poetry

filled our talk, mixed with the scent

of ponderosa pines, the slope of hillsides,

the grass of  meadows, and a certain log

we had to find to find a certain way down

the rest of the world no longer knows.


Fine friendly trail companion,

this man Peter, for whom poetry

ties and unties his boot laces

talks to him in his sleep, sometimes

shakes him awake, and showed him yesterday

through his boot soles how to step

from Boulder’s young pink sandstone

to its old grey granite in whatever dance

between the two will add

an audible Colorado ripple

to each new poem  

rising up inside him. 



Alex Drummond     America

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Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Torino October 2016

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Peace Tree - installation in Agliè (Torino, Italy)

Installation of THE PEACE TREE, Villa IL MELETO- Agliè Torino (ITALY)
World Poetry Canada International 2016.
Documento Adobe Acrobat 147.8 KB
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"Oppressione, ribellione, Libertà" - omaggio a Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti' poetry by Paolo Lello Gariglio (ASARD), Borgo d'Ale (VC), Italy


acrylic colors 60 x 70


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HAIKUNIVERSE - July 3 2016



Laugharne (haiku for #DylanDay/ #1) by Lidia Chiarelli

Under the Welsh sky
only silence inhabits
your seashaken house

Laugharne, painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy

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"An Imagist Poem for Francesco" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Painting by Gianpiero Actis

"Lawrence for Francesco: a dream", painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy





The unfortunate sensation

of being hit  by a train

The sound of summer in the rain

A black cat called Nicolino

A house in a wood made of wood

A bird about to catch a fly

A fly about to die

A Magritte cloud

in a cloudless sky

A stream between two houses

A fish about to die of drink

A ship about to sink

A man without a nation

A train about to hit Francesco Conz

in a railway station

And the dark dawn

of American corporate fascism



by Lawrence Ferlinghetti



"The Cut Cord of Love" artwork by Adel Gorgy, USA. "Mathew" poem by Peter Thabit Jones, UK



Credit: Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 77

The Cut Cord of Love


Copyright © Adel Gorgy 2015





On Sundays, we go to attend to his grave:

The large, paper cornet foaming with flowers;

And our eyes as dry as the surrounding stones.

His smile and small darkness are vinegar

Memories stinging the cut cord of our living love.

His white cross stabs the formal grass. His photos,

Wordless elegies, inhabit my wallet.


 Peter Thabit Jones © 2015



Published in VISITORS by Peter Thabit Jones, Seren Books (1986)

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I Dream in Euphemisms: Making a Number 1 and a Number 2 - by Neal Whitman USA


I Dream in Euphemisms: 

Making a Number 1 and a Number 2 *

Number 1.
on my bed stand
I keep a pencil and pad
I wake once to pee
in the morning I read these words: 
sea turtles dream they can fly 
Number 2.
last night I dreamed
under my paper shredder 
was an outhouse pit
the remains of my poems 
were covered by lime and lye 
Before indoor restrooms were common in schools, children would signal to be excused to use the outdoor restroom (called an "outhouse") by raising either one finger or two fingers. The teacher then excused the child but expected him or her to return quickly if only one finger had been raised. Naturally, two fingers would mean the teacher could expect the child to be delayed longer. These euphemisms remain in use today in many schools and homes.



 In 2005, Neal Whitman, Ed. D., Professor Emeritus at the University of Utah School of Medicine, began to write poetry in transition into retirement in 2008. His poems are published in many journals and anthologies and have won several many awards including 1st prize in the 2016 Bay Area (San Francisco) Poets Coalition Maggie H. Meyer Memorial Contest.  Neal is the haiku editor for Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine.

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Broadside # 80 Cross-Cultural Communications NY

Credit: Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 80

"December 3, 2002 6:58 am" Fine Art Photo by Adel Gorgy. " "The Blue of the Sky Never Ceases" Poem by Marsha Solomon.



The Blue of The Sky Never Ceases



See beauty in the chaos

The broken limbs of trees

And salt burnt branches

Of once thriving trees


The sun still warms in mid-December

And geese fly past in neat formations

And the blue of the sky never ceases.




- Marsha Solomon 2012






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 Broadside # 76 - Cross-Cultural Communications NY

"Modris, Keats and Her after Matisse (Woman in Blue)" Fine Art Photo by Adel Gorgy. "Modris" Poem by Peter Thabit Jones 

Credit: Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 76





Modris sits on the warm doorstep,
Wearing a pullover knitted
By his blind sister.
He grins at fresh girls clip-clopping
In high, platform shoes
Down the sun-blurred street;
Tut-tuts at the old Indian
Doctor's sons playing
Football against a garage door;
Accepts homemade cake
From the young wife across the road;
Gives children hot mints;
Asks me about Keats.
Goes in about ten in the night.

I live three houses away.
Midnight, I can hear him coughing.

Peter Thabit Jones © 2015



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Broadside # 79 - Cross-Cultural Communications NY

"The Book of Mysteries"  Fine Art Photo by Adel Gorgy. "The Worm in the Book" Poem by Stanley H. Barkan

Credit: Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadsides # 79




for Alfred Van Loen


“The worm crawled in

on page one-thousand-and-one

and left on page ten.”



So it was written in pencil

on the top-left corner

of the title page

of the Book of Levi,

filled with fine line drawings

etched or engraved

on the pages of parchment

bound without glue.

The Dutch artist

of the continuous line

—like Brancusi’s endless column—

pointed it out to me

as I held

with both hands

this incunabulum

of his family,

descendants of Moses,

whose stories had been passed down

from Sinai and Nebo

to all the children

descending to the valley of the Jordan,

crossing over in fulfillment of promises

—covenants made and broken—

told and retold,

inscribed and stitched together

—from time to time—

in books like this one.

But, somehow, always a worm in a page,

in an apple on a tree in a garden,

spoiling the linkages of millennia.


Let this epigraph be my epitaph:

“The worm crawled in . . . and out again.”


Stanley H. Barkan



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HAIKUNIVERSE: Haiku by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

a daily haiku or micro poem

haiku by Lidia Chiarelli

In slow light movements
the wind touches bare branches:
prelude of winter.

November 26th, 2015

Copyright © 2015 haikuniverse, Haiku copyright by author. All rights reserved.

"Luci d'Inverno" painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy

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"The Bride" installation by Lidia Chiarelli, Torino, Italy

"La Sposa" ("The Bride") installation by Lidia Chiarelli for a Wedding Party Celebration in Torino, Italy (October 10, 2015)

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"Limuni" poem by Stanley H. Barkan, NY. Translation into Sicilian by Marco Scalabrino, Trapani, Italy

("Alba sul Mare - Limoni", painting by Gianpiero Actis, Torino, Italy)



 Credits: "LIMUNI" by Stanley H. Barkan (translation by Marco Scalabrino) is published in "RAISINS WITH ALMONDS  - PASSULI CU MENNULI", LEGAS PUBLISHING -  NY/ Ontario  Canada -  2013


by Stanley H. Barkan

Pumadoru! Nèspuli! Limuni!”

cries the Sicilian fruit vendor

as he pulls his fruit-filled cart

over the broken stones

of the streets of Trapani.

Aphrodite rises out of the clouds

at the peak of Erice,

her lemon breasts throbbing

at the sight of visitors

seeking her ancient cure.

No, she will not speak again.

The times of gods and goddesses

are gone with the scirocco.

But the round yellow fruits

blossom all the spring long,

so numerous they fall unpicked

upon the mythic earth.

Basketsful are gathered

only from the fallen fruits

perhaps to sweeten the water.

No one picks them from the branches,

fresh from the trees in Everyone’s garden,

so sweetly nippled waiting for a kiss.


adattamento in dialetto siciliano

di Marco Scalabrino

“Pumadoru! Nespuli! Limuni!”

abbannìa l’omu strati strati

mentri ammutta tra scaffi vecchi e novi

lu so carrettu chinu d’ogni beni.

Di lu pizzu di Erici umitusu,

Veneri bidduna s’arrusbìgghia

e abballarìa, pi sbriu di li turisti,

li minni soi divini, sempiterni.

Ma nun parra.

Chì li tempi di li Dei

si ni jeru, oramai

cu lu sciloccu.

E ntantu ssi frutti tunni e gialli

chi spuntanu abbunnanti e nuddu cogghi

purriti tummulìanu a li soi pedi,

a carteddi, pi nzuccarari l’acqua.

Nuddu chiù l’ascippa di li rami.

Nuddu chiù, frischi nna l’arvuli,

affùncia a ssi capicchi duri e duci


chi nun aspettanu autru chi … un vasuni.

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"Swatantra Sonnet - 77" by Hassanal Abdullah, USA - "Love Birds" painting by Lalit Jain, India


Swatantra Sonnet - 77

I've heard the noble sound of your footsteps, my love.
Come, come closer, and open your heart. Spread
The fragrance of your lovely breasts. Let the door
Be closed. Embrace me with your gentle hands,
And set your sweet lips on mine. Smile my love.
Keep crawling through my body to find my heart
That is as vivid as the ocean, trembling in ecstasy.

Take off the boutique sari and raise both hands
To untie your hair, and blow on me like petals
Of roses. Without you I am lonely, engulfed
By the dark. Implant the eternal light in me.
Don't bother yourself to make the bed tonight,
Rather sooth the warmth of my tense, tropical body
Spreading the purity of your own on it.



Hassanal Abdullah

Translated from Bengali by the poet

The Colour of Saying - Anthology

A Creative Writing Competition in Celebration of Dylan Thomas

 edited by Peter Thabit Jones - Wales UK and Stanley H. Barkan NY, USA


Cross-Cultural Communications NY

The Seventh Quarry Press, Wales UK


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Gift Poems at the Opening Reception

"Poetry Basket" at Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Torino  Dec. 4  2014 - Jan. 10  2015

Image-Poem by Priya Gopakumar, Bahrain / India

Poetry Contributions - Acknowledgements


Anna Maria Bracale Ceruti, Italy

Stanley H. Barkan, USA

Helen Bar-Lev, Israel

Huguette Bertrand, Canada

Lilita Conrieri, Italy

Caroline Gill, UK

Priya Gopakumar, Bahrain

Carole Jacobs, UK

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, USA

Ivana Posti, Italy

Johnmichael Simon, Israel

Peter Thabit Jones, UK

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"Thalatta, Thalatta" (The Sea! The Sea!), poem by CAROLINE GILL, U.K. Fine Art Photo by ADEL GORGY, U.S.A.

"The Four Elements" - copyright ADEL GORGY, Long Island, N.Y.







‘Thalatta, Thalatta’
(The Sea! The Sea!)


Waves roll in at my window.
The sun sets:
The sea is my mirror:
My face is the ocean.
Twilight descends:
Great gulls are swooping.
The storm is brewing:

Turn, Tide, Turn

The storm is abating:
Small terns are soaring.
Daylight approaches:
The ocean is my face.
My mirror is the sea:
The dawn breaks:
Waves roll out from my window.




from: The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, Including Odd and Invented Forms, Revised and Expanded Fourth Edition (Lewis Putnam Turco, University Press of New England, 2011)


Dr Marc Latham's Folding Mirror Poetry site <>






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Freedom of Existence, digital painting by R Gopakumar, India. Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, San Francisco, USA

(copyright R Gopakumar)
(copyright R Gopakumar)


A cock cried out in my sleep
         somewhere in Middle America
                      to awake the Middle Mind
                                                          of America
And the cock cried out
               to awake me to see
                              a sea of birds
                                       flying over me
                                                   across America

And there were birds of every color
                 black birds & brown birds  
                      & yellow birds & red birds 
                              from the lands of every 
                                      liberation movement          

And all these birds circled the earth
        and flew over every great nation
                     and over fortress America
                                     with its great eagle
                                         and its thunderbolts

And all the birds cried out with one voice
      the voice of those who have no voice
      the voice of the invisibles of the world
  the voice of the dispossessed of the world
             the fellaheen peoples of earth
And which side are you on
                                                sang the birds
       Oh which side are you on
                         in the Third World War
                 the war against the Third World?