Exhibition 2017



Aboard the S.S. James Bay, October 4, 1977



Dreamt of


Moby Dick the Great White Whale


cruising about with a sign on him--


“I am what is left of Wild Nature”


And Ahab pursuing in a jet boat


with ray guns and jet harpoons


and super depth charges


and napalm flamethrowers and


electric underwater vibrators


and the whole gory glorious efficient


military-political- industrial-scientific


technology of the greatest civilization


mother earth has ever known


devoted to the absolute extinction


of the natural world


And Captain Ahab


Captain Death


Captain Apocalypse at the helm


of the killer ship of death


And the blue-eyes whales


exhausted and running


but still


singing to each other...




Lawrence Ferlinghetti


"Statua dei popoli uniti, Liberi e pacifici" di Paolo Lello Gariglio - Italy