Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the famous American poet of the Beat Generation, has chosen the poem “Took the seashore road” - with his Italian biographer Giada Diano - for the new exhibition on line (2014 – 2015) of Immagine & Poesia.



Guidelines for the Exhibition Online:

Images (JPG, high resolution) of original pieces of art (paintings, digital art, fine art photos etc.) to be based on the poem ”Took the seashore road" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.


A word attachment should include info about the artwork, permission for publication and contact details of the artist.

Artists can also add a 3 lines bio and a link to their website.


Submissions must be sent to:

Submission is free

Deadline: April 30, 2015



"Took the seahore road" by L. Ferlinghetti




Took the seashore road

and sat and watched the sea

A bird became a butterfly

and landed on my knee

Who was the alien

whose land was it

Whose sea ?

She waved a wing tremulously

not sure of anything

the whole world swaying

And I not sure of anything

agreed with everything

that she was saying

As the pollen from her wings

flowered down on me


Lawrence Ferlinghetti

from: Far rockaway of the heart


(courtesy of L. Ferlinghetti)


"La luna laggiù": a tribute from jazz composer Carlo Actis Dato to Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem "Took the seashore road"