2013 Exhibition with World Art


Since 2009 Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the famous American poet of the Beat Generation, has collaborated on the project of the artistic-literary Movement Immagine & Poesia, choosing his poems for the artists’ interpretation.


In 2013 Agneta Falk, Swedish-born poet and painter, Dean of Art at the Free University of San Francisco, has joined our project.


Italian writer Giada Diano met both the poets in San Francisco a few months ago and they selected two poems for our artists:


“Temporary Tenants” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and “In the Blue” by Agneta Falk.


An important exhibition will be held in Torino (Italy) in October and an exhibition on line for international artists is on shown here and on the web site of World Art (http://www.worldart.info/index.asp).



Guidelines for the Exhibition on line:



  • Images (JPG) of original and new pieces of art (paintings, digital art, fine art photos etc.) to be based on the poems “Temporary Tenants” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and “In the Blue” by Agneta Falk


  • Artists can choose one of the poems or both of them


  • A word attachment should include info about the artwork, permission for publication and contact details of the artist


  • Submissions must be sent in copy (Cc) to:

      worldartonline@gmail.com  and immagine.poesia@gmail.com 


  • Submission is free


  • Deadline: December 31, 2013